Open Invitation

Price:  ₱ 154,500.00

Collection: Caracole Classic

A restrained yet elegant silhouette defines this statement-making rectangular mahogany dining table. Our Go With The Grain finish, which we custom designed, brings out the mahogany grain on the table’s top and offers a subtle gold fleck which is suspended in the finish. The legs and table apron are finished in a complementary Espresso Bean finish. A thin, delicate Gold Bullion bead delineates the table’s apron. This gracious dining table is 98 inches long and can be extended with two leaves to 142 inches. Open Invitation’s gracious 50-inch width allows for two small side chairs at each end, for those special occasions when a couple of extra friends drop by.

  • Finish: Go with the Grain Espresso Bea
  • Size: 249 x 127 x 77 cm

Stocks Available

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